You may use this throughout the school year.  Simply choose the current chapter that we are studying. 

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Inquiry Labs 

Nature of Science

Click on the bubblegum image to 

go to the data table for our lab.

Click on the horrendous soup image to go to a metric measurement game:)

Chapter 1 - Matter & Atoms

Chapter 2 - States of Matter

Gas Laws Challenge

1st - Read pages 451 - 452 in "A Natural Approach to Chemistry" (from Mrs. W)

2nd - Click on Boyle's Law

3rd - Complete "Boyle's Law" wksht

4th - Read page 454 - 455 in "A Natural Approach to Chemisry" (From Mrs. W)

5th - Click on Charles' Law

6th - Complete "Charles' Law" Wksht

Chapter 3 - Periodic Table

Click on the Khan Academy image for a video over groups of the periodic table, properties of alkali, alkaline earth and transition metals, halogens, and noble gases.  Some of this video is beyond what we will learn in class, but is a good extension of what we have learned.

Click on the Bill Nye image for a presentation on how Dmitri Mendeleev came up with the periodic table.

Ted Ed videos for each of the elements of the periodic table.

Chapter 4 - Elements & Chemical Bonds

Mahjong Chem is an app available on iPad or iPhone that uses a game to help you learn oxidation numbers.  Click on the image to go to a description of the app.

Name That Atom and 
Groups: Ionic Bonding are games that will help you learn some of the skills from this chapter.

Click on this TYLER DEWITT image to see a video on IONIC BONDING.

Click on this TYLER DEWITT image to see a video on

Click her for the Covalent Bonding Challenge


 Chapter 5 - Chemical Reactions

Click on the image to the right for your 

Balancing Equations Video Assignment.  

If you are attempting to watch the video on a school computer, click here.

Stoichiometry Challenge

1st - Read pages 327 & 328 in "A Natural Approach to Chemistry"  book 
         Chapter 11/Section 1 in this book will be a good resource for you.
                                       (Get this book from me in class)

2nd - Click on What is a mole?

4th - Click on Mrs. Wagner's Example 1

Chapter 10 - Reproduction of Organisms

~10/1 Notes

Chapter 11 - Genetics

Chapter 9 - Environmental Impacts

Click on the image to read the article:
Living in cities is good for the planet. Living near cities, not so much
10:26AM, JANUARY 27, 2014

Click on the footprint to follow the link to the calculator.

Click on the image of the wolves to read an article on the population of wolves versus moose.

Click on the image of the Earth to go to the climate study completed in 2014.

Click on the human footprint image to go to an nteractive on how much resources the average person usesi.

He Spent 40 Years Alone in the Woods, and Now Scientists Love Him